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SPECIAL REPORT: SHOCKING- Canadian University hold's its first "Race-segregated" Graduation Party

Updated: May 26

On May 21st, Concordia University (Montreal, QC) students received an email, proudly informing alumni of its first "Balck Graduation Celebration" on the 19th of June, 2021. Unfortunately, you aren't invited if you are not of a certain race.

Shocking new emails show the west's educational system is actively rescinding back into segregation, based on race.

When signing up to be part of the segregated graduation ceremony, question 7 on the Google forms asks "Do you identify as Black?".* As you can notice, the question ends with an asterisk, simply because this question in itself needs clarification due to this peculiar wording with "identify", and whether or not the institution will have to identify my race upon admissions, which would be breaking section 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, based upon restricted access to a service solely based on skin colour (which it is in this case). Notice the lengthy explanation they offer for this, noting that "Black experiences" are only experienced as Black, African and Afro-diasporic communities, implying that only certain communities can experience certain situations, which is racist by definition. By wokeism standards, this is brave and be racist.

The segregation of graduations based on race was a reality before the civil rights movement, and now modern-day "progressives" (trained Marxists) are pushing to get back to those standards. All my fellow brothers and sisters are all part of the HUMAN race and are all united by our Creator and his creation in HIS image. Today's progressives would never agree with the Great Martin Luther King. His ideas of ONE humanity or ONE race would never be accepted.

Now, you have to be fractionalized into groups based on non-controllable parts of our Creation. No one chose to be born white, no one chose to be born black, no one chose to be born Asian. No one chose to be a man, no one chose to be a woman. We must not divide ourselves amongst groups, but the left continues to do so, as our foreign enemies continue to push the walls around the west tighter and tighter every day.

Our goal here at DoubleThink Society is to outline the Doublethink in society, and how logic has been turned 180 degrees on its head. We will continue to expose the true agenda of those who wish to overturn western society into a communist hellscape. Just like George Orwell said...

Share this article. These monsters don't want your kids to be playing together and working with one another. They want you to hate the other groups, they want you to be despised by the other group, and they want violence from both sides, to justify their agenda of a police state.

From the mouth of Christ, Matthew 19:19, "Honor your father and mother; and You shall love your neighbour as yourself"

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